Friday, March 4, 2011

Women's Conference

I was so lucky to go to an incredible Women's Conference last Saturday. Julie B. Beck was the speaker. How awesome is that?! She came here to Rexburg to speak to over 13,000 women at the new BYU-I center.

I was so lucky that Brett had the day off and he didn't have any sandblasting to do, making it super easy for me to go. It was a bonus that I was able to go with some of my good friends!

So, this post is basically for me. I want to put my notes somewhere I won't lose them so that I can come back and review them when I need to. Chances are, I'm the only one who will understand my discombobulated thoughts. So, here goes...

  • We should not have any other goal in life but to help our Heavenly Father in His work.
  • The Lord expects us to declare His word with love and tenderness.
  • If we have the spirit, we're okay. If not, we can't get the guidance we need. D&C 11:12-14
  • How do we find balance? We need to set boundaries and prioritize correctly:
  1. Essential things - scripture reading, prayers, temple
  2. Necessary things - work, take care of house, take care of kids, cook
  3. Nice to do things - hobbies, reading, movies, friends
  • Your best effort, the Lord accepts.
  • Anytime we can go to the temple, we take the spirit back into our homes.
  • If you want to have a friend, begin by being a friend.
  • The most important thing we can do to prepare for the Lord's coming is to prepare our homes. We need to have a climate that nurtures the Spirit.
  • We have the ability to control the climate in our home. The Spirit needs to be in our homes.
  • We need to have the words of the scriptures in us to have them come out of us for missionary work.
  • The Lord wants us to be a mother first.
  • He sends us his toughest spirits and they need leadership.
  • The greatest trial is to have a gift, but to not follow our dreams and raise a family instead.
  • Get over our issues (about visiting teaching and everything else).
  • Visiting Teaching is a sacred opportunity. It's about our hearts and our hands.
  • We need to live for the gospel and not for ourselves.
  • We don't have to worry; we just need to be faithful.
I was discussing the meeting with some other women from my ward and they were talking about some things leaving me to wonder what meeting they went to. Then I realized that the Spirit was teaching me the things that I needed to know to help me in my own life. I'm so thankful for the teachings that Heavenly Father gives me. I only hope that I can make the changes that I know I need to and become more of a servant for Him.

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I missed this conference so it's nice to see some things about it! Looks like a great message!