Thursday, March 3, 2011

Brynnlee's 3!!

We celebrated Brynnlee's third birthday Wednesday. It's just incredible how fast these kids grow! Austin started out the day with a birthday banner that everyone helped to color. I love how thoughtful and creative he is.

While Austin and Aubree were waiting for the bus, we let Brynn open up two presents. She was ecstatic to say the least!
She was having a Princess Party later that morning and had been quite worried about what she was going to wear since we didn't have any princess dress-up clothes.

But now she was all set with a Dora princess dress and Dora jewelry to go with.

Pretty soon, all of the other princesses arrived...
From left: Princess Paisley, Princess Oakley, Princess Macie, and Princess Brynnlee

Her party was filled with dancing, painting fingernails, playing with balloons, a princess lunch, decorating crown brownies, opening presents, and more playing.

It was her first real birthday party with friends. They all had so much fun! I was so happy!!

While Brynnlee had her beauty sleep, I finished decorating her castle cake. When she woke up to find it done, she was overjoyed!!! (That's the best part of going through all the hassle to make these special cakes for my kids.) It made me so happy once again.
Then later that evening, Grandma and Grandpa Robinson came over for cake and ice cream.

Brynn really struggles blowing candles out. It is the funniest thing! So I took a video of it.

As I tucked her into bed that night, I asked her if she had a good birthday. She said that she loved it. That makes everything worth it!

We love Brynn so much!! She definitely brings a different dynamic to our family. She likes to be the leader and tell everyone what to do. She speaks VERY well and will say the funniest things. Sometimes Brett and I wonder where she ever came from, but we're sure glad she's with us. She makes our lives so very interesting! We sure love her!!!


Chelsea said...

Looks like a super fun day! Love the cake! What a fun day!

Nicole said...

Love the video! So cute how she squeals when blowing. She is such a cutie! Sounds like her and my Aubs would get along perfectly! ;) Looks like a perfect little princess party! Love it!


I love this princess party, they look so cute, and the cake is amazing, like always!