Thursday, June 24, 2010

Brooks Boy Turns 1

We celebrated Brooks' first birthday with his cousin, Conn, who was born the day before Brooks. It was so much fun! I made them a choo-choo train cake and my sister-in-law invited everyone over for a cookout so that the kids could have some place to play outside (since all we have are weeds, hay, and dirt). It was so nice of them! Everyone had a great time.

It was so fun to watch Brooks and Conn interact with each other. I'm pretty sure that they are going to be really good pals when the get older. It was so cute how they would follow each other around and play with whatever the other was playing with. They're both such sweet boys!

Brooks thoroughly enjoyed his cake!

Saturday, which was Brooks' actual birthday, we went to Taylor Chevrolet's annual car show. As usual, we each picked out our favorite car from the show...

This one was Austin's favorite. It reminded him of Bumblebee on Transformers.

Here is Aubree's favorite. Can you guess why it's her favorite???

This one was my favorite! I love old Corvette's!!!
And, here is Brett's favorite. Apparently it was most people's favorite since it won most of the awards.
Anyway, it was a super fun day and I can't believe Brooks is a year old already!! He is such a sweet little boy with a great big heart. I wouldn't trade him for anything. I love my Brooks boy.


brianandleia said...

Looks like a fun day! Your family is so cute. You look amazing Hannah! You don't look like you ever had any kids, I can't wait to get this baby weight off me. Way to go!


Wow you have really done it with that train cake, amazing

Nicole said...

Love the cake, as usual! By the way, you're smokin hot! I also like your taste in cars. Tim had to stop and look at your blog too... guys and cars. LOL! Happy Birthday to Brooks! I can't believe he is 1! Crazy!