Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Austin's 7th Birthday

Austin turned 7 years old last week! I can't believe that I have a seven year old!! But it's true. He had a super fun day. He started out the day by cheering on Aubree at T-ball and cheering on me at coaching T-ball. (That was quite the experience, but all I will say is that I didn't hit any of the kids while pitching. I may have come close MANY times, but luckly didn't hit anyone.) Then he had baseball practice. And after that, we picked up his best friend next door and went to the Craze Funzone.

There Austin, Carson, and Aubree played black-light laser tag while Brynnlee played in the little kids' playzone.

It was so fun to watch them run around, chasing each other. Then we all hit the arcade and played lots of different games there.

We got a couple of pizzas and headed home to eat and bring out the birthday cake. This year, I made Austin a pirate ship birthday cake. He LOVED it! And I was so happy with how easy it was. It turned out pretty cute!

He was so excited to get some new summer jammies with dinosaurs and monster trucks on them. His real present was new baseball gear.
It was a good day. I love my Austin so much. He is the absolute BEST helper I have! He's such a good boy. I love, love, LOVE my Austin!!!


The Robinson's said...

Seriously Hannah, you have to stop with the cool cakes, you're really making me look bad. When Austin emailed those pictures to Bennett he was like, "whoa mom, check this cake out!!" My kids are lucky I buy them a box cake and bake that!! Bennett insists he wants a "cool" cake this year. Thanks a lot Hannah!!! ;)

The Lusks said...

I can't believe he is 7! Way to go on the cake. Super cute!

Nicole said...

Austin is such a cute kid! Happy Birthday Austin! Next year is a big birthday for him. Sweet sweet cake Hannah. Where oh where do you get the ideas? You seriously need your own business. Hannah's Goods. :D