Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thanksgiving In Mesquite

We went to Mesquite, NV this year for Thanksgiving and met up with my family to do Thanksgiving, Christmas, and a baby shower for my sister Jenny. We had sooooooooooo much fun and looooooooooooooooved the warm weather!!! We were kept busy with LOTS of things to do...


Jenny is an elementary music teacher. We went to her school and she taught the kids all sorts of fun dances with really cool hats!

Turkey hats for the Turkey Tango
Then she taught everyone songs on all of her percussion instruments.

Even Brynnlee got in on the action!

Then we all went out to the playground to play around.

At the church, where we met to eat, people kept busy playing basketball and games there while dinner was prepared.
Believe it or not, Brooks is asleep as Brett holds him and plays basketball! Apparently, we wore him right out!!
Before everyone headed out Saturday morning, we did a fun baby shower for Jenny and this was her awesome cake her mother-in-law had made for her.
It was really good timing since Jenny had her baby three days after that!
We had so much fun and hope to be able to go back to visit again sometime!!


Nicole Jones said...

Your kids are like minnie Hannah's playing in the percussion section ;)! Love it! You were the bomb too! I remember. Looks like a blast and nice to have warm weather during thanksgiving huh?! :)

Hannah said...

Nicole, you're so funny! Did you notice that there are no pictures of me playing? There's a reason for that. I did play too, but I was NOT the bomb! Oh the talents you lose when you no longer use them!!

The Foster Bunch said...

Looks like you had a blast. The warm weather sure helps with that, not freezing like home. What a fun time to spend with your family.


Wow, looks like so much fun/1