Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Recap

We had a great Christmas this year. We were all so spoiled in so many ways!!

I quickly snapped a picture of the kids on the Sunday before Christmas in their Christmas attire. Cute kids!!

All of the kids got to open one present on Christmas Eve.

The kids and their new jammies. They were so excited about them!

Santa always brings us movies!

Brooks drank his bottle while everyone opened their gifts

Brynn got two babies, one in pink and the other in purple.
They make a sucking sound when you put the bottle in their mouths and when you take them out, they cry. The girls LOVE that!
Brynn is such a good little mama!!

Both Austin and Aubree got Snuggies. They wear them almost all the time!

The kids and most of their loot

Brooks and Dad playing with his new ball popper toy

Christmas at Kathy and Larid's house...

Brynnlee loves horsey rides!

Kathy made blankets for Brooks, Brynn, and Aubree. They are so, so, sooooooo cute!!!!!

Austin got a remote controlled pickup and LOVES it!! When he opened it, he said, "Oh good, it's a Chevy! If I ever drove a Ford, my dad would put me in my room."

This is Brynnlee's new dress. She could not wait to try it on. She went ahead and put it on right over her clothes. And backward too! This is her saying "CHEESE!!!"

These are the outfits Kathy got for the three girls (Aubree, Emalee, and Bretta).

Brett helped Ryan look a little more spiffy in his suit jacket by adding a nice ribbon for a tie. Lookin' good, Ryan!

Brynnlee LOVES Ryan! She just cuddled right up to him.

These are the girls' blankets on their beds. They are so stinkin' CUTE!!!
Aubree's Blanket

Brynn's Blanket


Candria said...

What great pictures! It was good to see you guys, never really got a chance to sit and visit, but still great to see you! Your family is beautiful!

The Cutlers said...

I am glad you had a good christmas. those blankets are adorable!! We have not seen you guys in forever... I hope all is well.


Your kids look so happy and cute in all their outfits. Looks like a great christmas.