Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 2009

Halloween couldn't come faster at our house this year! The kids have been so excited about it. They were thrilled when I finally told them that we were ready to carve our pumpkins. They all had a blast doing it!

Scary, huh?!
And here we are all dressed up.
Austin was Batman, Aubree was Batgirl, Brynnlee was a little ladybug, Brooks was a friendly, chubby ghost, and I was a country girl.
So, so much fun!!


Robinson Roost said...

Good memories for all of you. Cute costumes!

Tiffanie Mattson said...

That looks like so much fun.

RYAN said...



Fun holidays! Trey was Batman also, so he was so excited to see Austin's costume matched his. You looked so cute as a country girl.

Nicole Jones said...

The costumes are adorable and I love their pumpkins! Good job! I must say, you are one hot country girl. The batman and batgirl costumes are soooo adorable!!! Halloween is so fun!

Diane said...

You all look so cute. I am so impressed that your kids will put their hands in the pumpkins to clean them out. They look great all lit up!