Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine Festivities

We've been super busy with all sorts of Valentine things going on! It all started Thursday morning when I remembered that I needed to make a Valentine treat for Aubree's teacher. So I got to work first thing in the morning making super cute brownies (check out my food blog for details on that!). Then most of that day, I spent working on planning Austin's kindergarten Valentine party that I volunteered to be in charge of. I found some fun, festive games to play, but took a bit of time prepping for them. Finally that night, I baked a batch of cupcakes for the cupcake walk I was planning for the kids. After those got put away, it was finally about 12:30 in the morning and I hit the sack.

Bright and early the next morning (this morning) I was up finishing up putting the games together while Brett frosted the cupcakes. We made it to the school just in time to explain the games to the other moms that came to help, and then we got started. The kids guessed how many Kisses were in a jar (first guesses were 500 and then 450 - there were 68; so I told them the number was under 100), then each child was given a half of a heart that I cut out, making specific designs. They had to go around the room and try to find their other half, comparing their heart half with all of the other kids'. Then we split into two groups and took turns playing Valentine Bingo and a blindfolded drawing game (that was very entertaining!). Finally we all got back together and did our cupcake walk.

I was supposed to take an hour, but took 1 1/2 instead. The teacher was totally fine with that and so were the kids. They had a lot of fun. Austin actually asked if we could do that same party at our house with his friends again. Unfortunately for him, I was so pooped, I told him it wasn't going to happen! But I was glad to hear that he enjoyed it that much!! Now I need to come up with some more ideas for tomorrow, the REAL Valentine's Day. Maybe we can count today as our fun, festive day. Yeah, that sounds good.


Nicole J. said...

You are a very fun mom! I miss being a kid on this holiday... getting little treats from friends and stuff. :)

Nicole J. said...

Happy Valentines Day! :D

Kasi said...

I bet it was SO fun. Daniel's school only allows 30 minutes for their parties! Your party sounds way better than ours! lol

Alli said...

Sounds like a lot of fun! I got to help Amy make up her Valentine bags to give to all the kids in her class, it was fun! Happy Valentine's Day! :)