Saturday, June 11, 2011

Cheer Camp

The first week of the kids' summer vacation, Austin and Aubree both got to do a week long camp.  Austin chose SCIENCE CAMP (click to check out those details) and Aubree chose Cheer Camp!  Cheer camp was put on by the high school cheerleaders and each age group got to learn one cheer, one dance, and some stunts.  Aubree had such a good time there and her year of gymnastics really helped!  Here's my little cheerleader!!!


Nicole said...

That is the cutest! Aubree is super good at the cartwheels!!! Go Aubree!!!

Jenny Good Bennett said...

Wow! Aubree was so fun to watch! Ellie giggled and giggled! She wants to be just like her big cousin!

Courtney Bowen said...

Look at her go! thats awesome and she did such an awesome job!